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Together, we make dreams come true

Welcome to Baby Blossom! we are a surrogacy agency based in southern California dedicated to walking you through this wonderful journey. It is our pleasure to make your dreams of helping or becoming parents come true.
Each of our staff has years of experience related to surrogacy.
Here, you can witness the joy of having a new family member
Here, you are more than welcome to be a part of our community.
Here, we make parenthood possible.
Here, we are united to create dreams together.

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Surrogate Mother

At BB, being a surrogate is amazing

From the moment children go into our lives, it brings us to a more meaningful and colorful world. Becoming a surrogate and helping another family achieve parenthood is a kind and generous decision.

At Baby Blossom, we promise to provide professional and detailed advice along your surrogacy journey.

Here is what you will experience as a surrogate in our community: