3 Myths About Surrogacy That Simply Aren’t True

Oftentimes, there are things said about various topics that are simply untrue, even though they are talked about as if they were. In the old days (before the internet), it was easier to fall for these myths because it was difficult to instantly fact-check them. However, today, anyone with a smartphone in their hand can quickly look up whether something they heard from someone is true or not.

Surrogacy has its fair share of myths, which is why we would like to bust those myths apart and show you that they simply aren’t true. Becoming a surrogate mother is an incredibly rewarding experience and opportunity to help someone in a unique way.

Here are some of the biggest myths surrounding surrogacy that you may have heard at some point:

Myth: Surrogate Mothers Get Emotionally Attached to the Baby & Try to Keep It

This myth seems like it could be true on the surface. After all, a surrogate mother is carrying a child for nine months. However, surrogates usually agree to be in that role because they themselves have previously made the decision that they do not want any more kids of their own.

There are also safeguards put in place, such as extensive psychological screenings prior to selecting a woman as a surrogate. There is also a legally-binding contract that ensures the child goes to its biological parents once it is born.

Myth: Surrogacy Is a Way to Earn Lots of Money Quickly

The idea that you would get a pile of cash when you agree to become a surrogate mother is misconstrued. Yes, you do get financially compensated, but not all at once. Compensation is paid in installments and does not begin until a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Surrogate mother pay in California could be up to $80,000 after all is said and done, which is definitely a large amount of money. However, it is not fast cash. On top of this pay, there are also allowances for things such as the mother’s monthly expenses and medical bills.

Myth: Any Woman Is Able to Be a Surrogate

To become eligible to be a surrogate mother, you need to have your medical history extensively analyzed by OB-GYN specialists to make sure that you are healthy enough to be pregnant. They will also want to know if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You will also need to show that you have a dedicated support system to help you throughout the time you are a surrogate mother. Less than 10% of women who apply to become surrogate mothers actually do so.

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Now that you know those myths about surrogacy are just that, you can confidently experience the job of surrogacy. If you have been looking for a surrogate agency in Los Angeles, then look no further than Baby Blossom Surrogacy. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a surrogate mother!

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