About Us

We are a professional surrogacy company, based in Los Angeles, California. Each of our staff is either working in this field for years or has a surrogacy baby in her family. We love this career because we have all witnessed the great moments of welcoming new lives into this world. This is why surrogates in our Baby Blossom community are more than just a number, we treat you like family. Our team will guide you through your entire surrogacy process. Baby Blossom focuses on getting to know you as the closest friends in order to provide you with the most customized care possible. We are looking forward to your joining at Baby Blossom!

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Our Missions

At Baby Blossom, we would love to create an enjoyable and stress-free environment for every member of our community. Events are held regularly so we can keep a strong bond. We are also excited to become your closest friends and mentors to give detailed advice on this remarkable journey and keep a long term relationship after this has come to an end. We will be honored if you choose us to walk you through this fabulous milestone, and we promise to give you an unforgettable experience.

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