Becoming A Surrogate In The Time Of COVID-19

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly throughout the world, many people have put their lives on hold. Essential medical services are still a possibility for pregnancies, but what about women looking into becoming a surrogate? Is this still a possibility for them and, if so, what effects will COVID-19 have on their future?

As the nation’s leading surrogacy center, Baby Blossom Surrogacy is here to answer those questions and many more for you. And, with that being said, let’s get started:

Important Questions About Becoming A Surrogate In The Time Of COVID-19

Is becoming a surrogate a good way to earn extra income during and after this outbreak?

Becoming a surrogate a good way to earn extra income during the coronavirus pandemic. It can provide you with the income you may have lost as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns, enable you to pay your mortgage or student loans, or add to your savings.

Is Baby Blossom Surrogacy still accepting surrogates and intended parents during the outbreak?

Yes, we are still accepting surrogates and intended parents during the outbreak. In fact, many of the early steps of the surrogacy process take research and preparation, which can be completed virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Should I meet with a Baby Blossom Surrogacy representative now, or wait until after the outbreak subsides?

You can meet with us now to have any of your questions about becoming a surrogate answered, or we can begin to map out your personal surrogacy journey today.

Will COVID-19, and what is happening economically, have an impact on Baby Blossom Surrogacy?

Yes, as is true for many other businesses around the world, and we are prepared for it. We have consolidated our surrogacy cases to a team approach, streamlined our resources, and have created a virtual platform which enables our clients to communicate with our staff safely and conveniently.

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