All About Surrogacy

What is Surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and give birth to a child for another person who is or will become the parent of the child. At Baby Blossom, we only offer gestational surrogacy where babies are not biologically related to the surrogate mother.

What are the steps as a surrogate/IPs ?

You can find the steps as a surrogate here, and as IPs here.


When I can start this?

Our matching process can be as quick OR as slow as you like. It is totally up to you when you would like to be matched. Let us know how you think, we will find someone fits your schedule!

Will all expenses be covered?

Yes, all expenses related to surrogacy will be fully covered (for example: travel expense, OB appts, Lost Wages etc.)

How do I get paid?

Once you and IPs finish the contracts, IPs will send funds to escrow. We will ask you to set up direct deposit, so compensations and bonuses can be directly sent to your bank account.

How do I know if I am qualified?

There are three steps before confirming you are ready to carry a surrogate baby. First, you can check if you meet all general requirements to be a surrogate here. Second, once you are matched, we will send all your delivery and OB records to IP’s clinic for review. (Approval from the clinic means your previous pregnancy history indicates you might be a great candidate. Last, you will have a medical screening at IP’s clinic based on your menstrual cycle. Once all screening results and psychological evaluation come back normal, it means you are now officially cleared to be a surrogate mother.

What are the basic qualifications for a surrogate?
  1. Have at least one child
  2. No more than two c-sections or 5 deliveries
  3. Past pregnancies with no severe complications
  4. Lead a healthy and stable lifestyle (No Smoling/No Drug using/No excessive alcohol usage)
  5. Body Mass Index under 32
  6. Your age is between 20-38 year old
  7. Must be US citizens or legal residents
  8. Open to psychological, drug and criminal screening
  9. Live in surrogacy friendly states
Do I get a chance to choose the intended parents?

Of course! We will send your profile to the intended parents first. Once decisions are made, we will send all potential profiles for you to choose your favorite one. There is no right or wrong. We will always respect and suport your decisions.

What will the first meeting with the intended parents be?

This depends on whether you are matching with international IPs or local IPs. For international ones, we recommend a video chat through an APP called WeChat since there will be time differences. For local ones, we can do video chats and/or in person meetings based on both parties’ decisions.

How often I could communicate with Intended Parents?

This will be a good question to ask during the first meeting with IPs. We respect both parties’ wills. Most of the times, IPs would love you to chat with them whenever you want

Will I get reimbursed for lost wages/Child Care/Travel expenses?

Yes, expenses related to surrogacy will be reimbursed. we will send reimbursement sheet for you to fill out.

Do I need to find my own attorney? How long will legal usually take?

We will provide attorney for you. Legal process is normally 2-4 weeks. It mainly depends on how many terms both parties would like to change.

Am I allowed to keep in touch with them after baby is delivered?

This needs to be mutually agreed for everyone involved. You are welcome to ask this question during video chat with IPs.

Intended Parents FAQ

Can I meet surrogates in person during this journey?

This will need mutual agreement before scheduling in person meeting. Most
of surrogates would love to meet with you and your family.

How long will the whole process be?

It varies from case to case. There are many factors need to be taken into
consideration, for example: processing time of medical records, surrogate’s
menstrual cycle, clinic’s schedule etc. Normal time frame is 13 months to 15

Will the matching process be difficult if I am from out of states?

No, it will be as easy as like you are from local. In baby blossom, intended
parents from all over the world are welcome to join our big family. We will
make sure profiles sent to you fit your desired criteria. We are also
cooperating with attorneys who have handled thousands of international

what if I could not make it to my surrogate’s transfer? Will someonetake photos or record videos for me to document this preciousmoment?

Your case manager will attend all important appointments (include but not limit
to medical screening, fist appointment in cycle, transfer, first heartbeat
confirmation appointment, first OB appointment, anatomy scan and delivery),
We will make sure you receive updates after each appointment.

Once I am matched, who should I contact for assistant?

A case manager will be assigned to you at the beginning of the match. Feel
free to ask any questions at any time.