How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting The Surrogacy Industry

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting The Surrogacy Industry

The coronavirus pandemic is still going strong with no end in sight, at least for the near future. With that being said, there are many businesses that have been affected by the pandemic with closures and reduced hours being the latest trend. Even medical offices are reducing their hours and seeing patients via live video feed rather than in person. While inconvenient, it is the best way to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and help everyone get back to their daily work and personal lives.

The Coronavirus Affect On The Surrogacy Industry

One industry that has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic is the surrogacy industry. Surrogate mothers who are already pregnant need to be extra cautious to ensure that they don’t contract COVID-19, but they will still get the prenatal care they need from their physicians. In some states, however, new surrogacies are being put on hold, at least until the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic is over and we begin flattening the curve.

Common Questions About The Coronavirus Pandemic

Keeping that in mind, many surrogate mothers have questions about the coronavirus pandemic and we are going to do our best to answer some of the more common ones.

Are pregnant women a higher risk for contracting Coronavirus?- yes, surrogate mothers, just as all pregnant women, are at a higher risk for contracting the coronavirus, but that is true of any illness. Pregnant women experience many immunologic and physiologic changes which can make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infections.

Will Coronavirus put a pregnancy at risk?- it isn’t as much about the virus itself, as it is about the symptoms that come along with the coronavirus. Miscarriage and stillbirth can result from the extremely high fevers that are symptomatic of the virus.

Can surrogate mothers with Coronavirus COVID-19 pass the virus to their fetus?- it isn’t very likely that a surrogate mother who is infected with the coronavirus will pass it to the fetus.

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