Surrogacy And Gay Parenting

gestational surrogacy

Baby Blossom Surrogacy welcomes intended parents of a wide range of backgrounds. From straight and gay couples and singles, to gay singles looking to start a family, Baby Blossom Surrogacy strives to provide intended parents with the resources and information they needed to understand gestational surrogacy and make their dream of starting a family become a reality.

Special Considerations For Same-Sex Couples

Our team of surrogacy experts understands that same sex couples face unique legal and medical circumstances that other couples don’t, and we have made it our mission to guide them through the options and challenges they face.

Matching couples with surrogates and fostering that relationship can be challenging when the Intended Parents are both male, but we search for couples who are fully motivated to help same sex couples become parents.

Here at Baby Blossom Surrogacy, our surrogacy clinic is respectful and flexible when working with same sex intended parents, and we know how to help you both simultaneously or sequentially become biological parents. We can even accommodate many of the specific considerations gay couples may have regarding their choice of egg donors.

Legal And Cultural Considerations

We can guide same sex intended parents through the process from decision through post-delivery. Every step of the way, our surrogacy experts will be with you and your partner to ensure a happy and healthy start to your new family. Keeping that in mind, there are also many legal and cultural considerations that international intended gay couples may have, and the Baby Blossom Surrogacy network of qualified legal experts can provide you with information about the legal options and considerations unique to your particular circumstances.

If you are considering surrogacy, be sure to choose a reputable surrogacy center that understands your needs and that is committed to your satisfaction.

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To learn more about the benefits of becoming a surrogate mother, or how surrogacy can help make your dream of starting a family a reality, contact Baby Blossom Surrogacy and speak to a surrogacy professional today who can answer your questions.

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