Top Pregnancy Apps For Dads

Top Pregnancy Apps For Dads

If you are experiencing a pregnancy with the help of a surrogate, most fathers-to-be tend to feel out of the loop when it comes to what’s happening, the pregnancy timeline and what they can expect next. When it comes down to it, fathers do play an important role in the pregnancy/surrogacy process.

Keeping this in mind, there are plenty of mobile apps that new dads, gay dads, and all dads can download which can offer them the resources they need to get the answers to their most pressing questions.

Top Pregnancy Apps For Dads

Daddy Up- Daddy Up offers a wide range of useful tips and advice for dads-to-be including weekly pregnancy progress, baby-size comparisons, a customizable checklist and journal log.

Who’s Your Daddy- Who’s Your Daddy uses humor to help dads-to-be understand and relate to what their partner is going through.

ProDaddy- ProDaddy is a handy dad app that provides pregnancy and baby-related topics as entertaining 3-minute reads. It also includes resources on everything from insurance, postpartum health and childcare.

BabyCenter- BabyCenter is an extremely popular app which provides information from conception and pregnancy, to adjusting to parenthood.

The Big Daddy- created by an actual dad who is an actual doctor, The Big Daddy helps dads-to-be keep track of baby’s development throughout the pregnancy.

Baby Manager- Baby Manager is the mobile app to have once the baby arrives. It includes a baby tracker which helps record and chart feeding, sleep, diaper changes and more.

Kinedu- Kinedu offers thousands of fun development exercises which can be personalized to your baby’s age and needs. The app even factors in important topics such as prematurity, so you can custom tailor the growth timeline to match your baby.

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