Why Prenatal Care Is Important For Surrogate Mothers

Why Prenatal Care Is Important For Surrogate Mothers

Prenatal care is an important part of any pregnancy. Not only does prenatal care benefit the baby, but it also ensures the surrogate mother’s health as well. Still, many women choose not to go to their doctor during their pregnancy, believing that prenatal care is unnecessary. Unfortunately, a greater number of these women typically end up having complications during and after childbirth as a result. Prenatal care is typically a requirement of the surrogacy contract and it is important for a wide range of reasons.

Prenatal care enables your doctor to foresee any risks and create a course of action to minimize those risks which could lead to serious complications both during the pregnancy as well as during the birth.

Prenatal Care Statistics

Let’s take a look at some prenatal care statistics:

  • Surrogate mothers who don’t get proper prenatal care are 3 times more likely to have babies with a low birth weight.
  • Surrogate mothers who don’t get proper prenatal care are 40% more likely to experience a neonatal death.
  • Surrogate mothers who don’t get proper prenatal care are 7 times more likely to give birth to premature babies.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts to help you and your baby:


  • Take folic acid and Vitamin C.
  • Stay active.
  • Think about what you eat.
  • Monitor your baby’s movements.


  • Eat for two.
  • Drink alcohol.
  • Take drugs.
  • Drink too much caffeine.
  • Diet during pregnancy.

Surrogate mothers who use drugs and alcohol during pregnancy can experience miscarriage, babies with low birth weight, increased risk for illness or intellectual disabilities.

Don’t discount the importance of proper prenatal care and be sure to talk to your doctor about making a plan to ensure that you get the care you need during your pregnancy.

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